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Treatment of data

Responsible for data cutodia

The responsible for the custody and security of your personal data, ES:
Juan Carlos Naranjo Alcega President of AIHCE tea. +34 600 838 938

When your data is stored?

Your data are kept only for porcesar a registration for a course or make a donation

Who can access your data?

No one can access your personal data, they may not be transferred to third parties. AIHCE does not share information with other entities.
We comply with the legal obligation of the RGDP European regulations put into effect of the 25-05-2018

Rights to exercise

You have the right ajercer the forgetfulness of your data, simply by contacting with the head of AIHCE.
And in the period of 72 hours as maximum your data will be deleted from the records.

How to make claims

For any binding related to correction or forgetfulness of your data,
send an email letting your application clear to: