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Our proud history

We started the way in 1995

The Foundation of our society in 1995 was a pioneer in Spain, because at that time to hypnosis in our country is still considered, as something dark and esoteric, due to the image that the Catholic Church gave her for years and the prohibition by the Government of general Francisco Franco, but also and not it is in vain to tell him, by the hypnotists of circus, that he went from town to town in rural areas, and did terrible things with volunteers, most people without studies and innocent, that you wanted to participate in the show. And to complete the vicious circle, television arrived and with it, the bad reputation of hypnosis expanded faster and before the word hypnosis, the people persignaba is.

Our humble initial objective was the disclosure, develop, encourage the use of Clinical Hypnosis through interviews and conferences, but there were also other objective thinking for the future "if we got to survive". This objective was, create a school or Academy of hypnosis.

But to be honest we were only five colleagues and friends that we set out to create AIHCE, Juan C. Naranjo Alcega, Manuel Reparaz Unicilla, Beatriz Gherdina, Carlos Fleitas and Francisco girls and began the project without many aspirations, simply, the desire to put a grain of sand in the desert, We really what we could to solve administrative and Conference expenses, It seemed the boat in a short time to wreck.

What came next was something unexpected, suddenly we announced a Conference, a course or workshop and is filled with people. The audience wanted more and I wanted to become members of our Organization, actually the success we exceeded, We weren't prepared for that, then we had to take an immediate decision, stop making events until we could be more organized


in 1996-1997

TO end of one thousand nine hundred and ninety-six, We started with annual training courses for professionals, I held in Pamplona and Zaragoza. Beginning a career of success in numerous professional training, starting to be recognized both in Spain and abroad.

in 1997-1999

TOdelantandonos at the time and as a futuristic decision in 1997 with the advent of internet, When were pages about hypnosis virtually not online, We created ours with the first distance learning course, certified by AIHCE, was another milestone, We could reach other students from Latin America and the world, It would have been impossible otherwise.

in 1999 -2009

In 1999 already We had a very rudimentary virtual classroom and the internet connection was very slow, so at that time we sent the mail and the classes by video material Conference did them through the ancient Net Meeting; actually was prehistory. Today things are different we have platforms designed specifically to offer a quality service with online courses where students downloaded material from the classroom and everything is there, with voip chat, streaming etc..

In addition to online courses, we have courses and mixed half person and half virtual classroom, in Europe South America and the United States., taught by teachers members of AIHCE

in 2010 -2011

In the year 2010 the Government of the Foral community of Navarra recognized us as a public good and social entity, giving us a very important support under the work done since the Foundation, what gave us prestige in international areas.

in 2012

Hypnosis is not a college degree, and that is a little orphan, but AIHCE got in 2012 for example that the Federal University of Paraná in Brazil, scholarship students to graduate at the International Academy of Clinical Hypnosis and Experimental in Spain. And in several countries, certificates are accepted by professional associations.

AIHCE is now more important that its in inception, and all this we owe it to our members and collaborators who every day make an effort BABOMINATIONS increasingly expands more. We have members teaching and delegates in all Spain, Argentina Portugal, Australia, Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, EE. UU, Brazil, Panama, Mexico and always awaiting new collaborators.

in 2015

We comply 25 years since our founding, with the satisfaction of grow every day thanks to our members and partners and edit our commemorative book: Psychology and Clinical Hypnosis

We strive to improve the quality of education, incorporating improvements in so that our students can achieve excellence.

We help to the

training in Clinical Hypnosis of new professionals

We give tips and advice to Alumni, responding to inquiries

We help our alumni and give you the possibility to use our directory

If you need advice on any course of Hiposis or NLP, us help you

We are proud of our teachers

Juan C. Naranjo Alcega

(PhD in psychology – Director)

Oliver Estela Furtado

(Psicolgoga – M. Teaching)

Armando Scharovky

(Comedians – M. Teaching)

Nadia P. Naranjo

(Ms Business Coaching)

Students say

Germán Eugenio Romagnoli (Psychologist)

Very satisfied con el style y calidad de la formación, Sin duda recomiendo el Máster en algun Clinical Hipnosis, es muy completo y AIDS.”

Stella R. Malik (Doctor)

“Watched the masters in Hypnosis clinic in São Paulo. Without doubt, a wonderful course, where I could check the new techniques of hypnosis clinic, more effective than I knew. Thanks to the team of AIHCE.”