quien-es-hipnotizable I am HIPNOTIZABLE?

We are all naloxone because hypnosis is a natural state of any person, why no be afraid of hypnosis.

Are some people naloxone, hypnotized more easily than others? Yes, This is due to several cause I am going to explain.


Why are you hipnotizable?

Although you can not know exactly why, a guy is hypnotized easily or quickly, It is believed that it may be due to the hypnotic receptiveness, and could be connected with:

Personality traits

As the credulity, imagery ability, submission, beliefs, superstition.

Respect for authority:

People, that in his childhood he received an education with strong paternal or maternal authority, they are more susceptible to hypnosis.


I have also found that you people who are they much abstracted in its activities or many concentrate, they tend to be also easy to hypnotize.

Speaking in dreams

People who speak when they dream, or somnambulistic people are very easy to hypnotize.

Hypnosis in children

Children up to a certain age are dangerously easy to hypnotize.

That is why my students I strongly recommend not do hypnosis in children if you don't have the proper training and if it is not strictly necessary.

Morphology of the patient

Also the morphology of the patient can be taken into account to hypnotize him, especially the shape of your face. They are easier to hypnotize in this order: the triangular faces, round and cylindrical.

Type of eyes or look

Eyes can also give us a clue to find out if the person will be easier to hypnotize, large eyes, especially those showing the sclera, and also the melancholy eyes


We know that only a 10% the population is within the group called "sonambulico" who are people extremely sensitive to hypnosis.

These would be some of the reasons to find out if someone is more susceptible to hypnosis and tano more easy to hypnotize.


I hope that this article has served to you to find answer why they are hipnotizable.


Study hypnosis: If you want to study hypnosis, I recommend you to do it with a quality and professional level course.