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International AIHCEAIHCE International Association of clinical and Experimental Hypnosis

Ministry of the Interior of Spain no. 14568/95

He began his path in 1995, and is registered in the MIE No. registration: 14668/95 with the aim of disseminating and promoting the use of hypnosis and other behavioral psychotherapies. And it meets the founding objective of creating a Center for training or Academy of the same name with the intention of training partners free of charge and new students. We maintain from 1995 a permanent line of training professionals in psychotherapy and hypnosis.

Hypnosis is not an official science Therefore it is not governed by the same academic criteria from other disciplines, and the Ministry of education has no interference on training programs. AIHCE being an association with training capacity draws on the best professionals in the field to ensure its affiliates and students the best training.

Staff teacher at AIHCE

Our alumni guarantee our quality and seriousness in formation. We consider, the quality than the quantity is always better, Yet our courses are the most complete in real study material, nonsense and loss of time.

We know that academic professionals require optimum teaching quality, audio materials in both video and text, as well as additional information from our files. as also is the possibility that any alumnus request advice or assistance in certain cases. We do not annoy your queries.

Are among the possibilities for alumni:

  • Be a representative of AIHCE in your autonomous community or foreign country.
  • Validate studies conducted in other centres.
  • Be a professional recognized by AIHCE

A.I.H.C.E. International Association of clinical and Experimental Hypnosis Since February of 2010 entity of public and social interest, it was declared by the Government of the community of Navarre.

AIHCE is a non-profit entity and his mark is registered, therefore anyone can use our name or logo without express permission.

Our most precious achievement was the creation of a centre of higher studies of hypnosis, aimed at anyone who wants to learn and develop a professional activity where usable hypnosis. Medical, Psychologists, Educators, Forensic investigators, Marketing, etc.

Within the authority as a non-profit entity, We maintain social and academic relationships with other academic institutions both private and State and international associations dedicated to scientific hypnosis research.

We do not receive Government grants allowing us to develop our work in freedom and broadmindedness for a sustained international growth project.


From 1995 Today we have grown on a permanent basis and each day we have more international presence.

Our courses face-to-face or distance, aimed at our partners, they have given the possibility to professionals from other latitudes to be able to follow a training in hypnosis of quality and constant updating.

Professional output which offers hypnosis today, in its most diverse specialties, ago that many people value the ability to incorporate this knowledge into their professional activity.

For all these reasons, We do more than thank to those who trusted us and we hope to continue improving day by day.

Every day work PEAR improve our service

Our Virtual Classroom is hosted on two separate servers.

Server 1 USA-California - San Jose
Server 2 in USA California - Murrieta
In this way we can serve our quality partners and if a server fails, the other is active. 99% Online
AIHCE International Academy of Clinical Hypnosis and Experimental depends on the International Association of Clinical Hypnosis and Experimental.

Whose legal domicile is in:

Pius XII 9
31000 Navarra Spain
CIF 31825128
Registration number: 147568 of 1995


Central Network

Postal address
PJE. Spain 1356 3° C
5000 Argentina Cordoba


Our Call Center open from Monday to Friday

of 8 AM to 18 AM

Tel. +34 600 838 938
Tel. +34 622 699 299


If you want to ask us a question using the form below.

Tel. +34 622 699 299 / +34 600 838 938

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