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Doctorate in Ericksonian hypnosis Clinic online

Doctorate in hypnosis

Doctorate in hypnosis is really excellent, otherwise give the opportunity for double degree and was developed by prestigious professionals of the teaching staff of AIHCE.

It is a course mode 2 in 1, that means that at the end of the course you will receive two certificates, one of Master and another doctorate.

The objective of the course in hypnosis is; students get training in Clinical Hypnosis of top-level, that allows you to rank your curriculum and its therapeutic activity with efficiency and security.

Doctorate in hypnosis



Certification and objective

The PhD in Clinical Hypnosis is actually a course “2 in 1”, This means that the pupil at the end of the course receives 2 certificates.

  1. Master in Clinical Hypnosis
  2. Doctorate in Clinical Hypnosis Ericksonian

The objective of the course in hypnosis is; students get training in Clinical Hypnosis of top-level, and it will prioritize its curriculum and its therapeutic activity with efficiency and security.

Training in hypnosis from ethical and environmentally-friendly concept of the patient guarantees professional success.

The Master course + Doctorate in hypnosis, It really is an excellent course for their content and quality, because it was developed by prestigious professionals of the Faculty of AIHCE

Who would the course run?


This Master course + Doctorate in hypnosis it is directed to physicians, psychologists and physiotherapists.

You can also register for this course, therapists graduates any specialty.

Course of hypnosis is a professional-level, but it gives the opportunity to start from scratch..


Duration of the course and qualification obtained


The course of doctorate in hypnosis has a maximum duration of 24 months, (students mark their pace, and may finish before according to his dedication)

If the student does not complete the course in this term, You must apply for an extension of enrolment for six months, Although this is an additional cost.

Obtained qualification equivalence 650 hours, equivalent to ECTS credits: 170 (EU)


The methodology of evaluation of doctorate in hypnosis

It is based on the "case method", certificate from the experience of the Harvard Business School and other American universities.

The "case method" is to see practices in a real situation video, in which the student will have to assess and propose actions that resolve the specific problems that arise. Always with the support of the tutor who will guide you at all times.

Course material


In a virtual classroom student, There will be an invaluable material:

Books by a higher value to the 350 EUR
Audios and videos (20 hours)
Presentations auto evaluation of all issues
Tutoring and permanent support by email
Personal tutoring via Chat VOIP
Structured assessments by email according to the advance course
Assessments online
Library where you can download other books.





Master course program + Doctorate in hypnosis
Conceptual topics and course development
Advances in neuroscience in the study of the mind
Introduction to basic psychology to hypnosis
Brain function and the hypnotic process.
Creation of States through the conversation
Fundamental laws of the hypnotic process
Stanford heuristic model
Assimilate top classical hypnosis techniques
Learn the canons of Ericksonian hypnosis
Understand the difference between classic hypnosis and Ericksonian.
Understand the patterns of change Erickson.
Hypnotic state markers.
Learn how to determine the exact moment of the phenomenon "huy".
Rapid induction and neuropsychological response techniques
Induction pure Ericksonian demonstration video.
Know the hypnotic process to produce changes in others.
Technical neurophysiological Neurolinguistic programming
Cognitive clinical hypnosis scripts
The emotional restructuring under hypnosis
Behavioral in clinical hypnosis scripts
Physiotherapeutic scripts with psycho-image
The psycho-biological interaction
The answer somatogena
Neurotransmitters and the factor auto-cuarativo
Modify physiological responses to hypnosis

Several protocols for smoking, Obesity, fear, phobia, Fibromyalgia, pain control, etc.

We will give special emphasis to the most disturbing pathology in modern society, "the pain". You teach with skill to use hypnosis for pain control, in cancer patients, trauma, chronic pain. intestinal function in constipated patients.

















Price and registration

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At the end of the course you associate FREE by 2 years,

as a member of AIHCE, and we give you the corresponding diploma.