Master Class on Neuro emotional reconstruction and Opto neural stimulation




Master Class Neuro reconstruction excites and Opto neural stimulation




The Master Class in Neuro emotional reconstruction and Opto Neuronal stimulation program




Advances in Neuro psychology
"NRE" Neuro emotional reconstruction

Its origin and experimental development

The neural network and its function

Thoughts that neuronal changes

That is based on the NRE?

Heuristic neuronal processes

Cerebral ecology

Cerebral perceptual process errors


We are creative animals

Universal law of Guru

Emotional test

Neural interconnection of fear and love

Decoding Neuropsychological.

Dominant hemisphere and its processes.

Neuronal interference

Emotions in a traumatic event

Somatic response of the emotions

What ailments and diseases can treat?

Memory is not only in the brain

Creative psychotherapy

Success of therapy

Hypnosis heuristics

Strict protocol for success.

Hypnotic brain rhythm

Why are we suggestible?

How to measure the cerebral rhythm correctly?

Produce changes in the patient modifying their brain rhythm.

Secret therapy and its effectiveness

Words with healing power

Heuristic vocabulary and how to use

"OEN" Opto neural stimulation


Do the blind can be treated?

Associating trauma with emotions and feelings

Opposite colors

Binary decoding process

Decoding Neuropsychological


Exposure of cases.

Demonstrations of the protocols will be made at all times.