NEUROFor over thirty-five years I've been creative psychotherapy and clinical or therapeutic hypnosis(1). And every day I am surprised more of the beneficial and ecological effects in the patient.

Newly from the end of the century passed from the Decade of the nineties, We can say that it is opening a light in the tunnel of the functioning of the brain and giving answers to empirical knowledge of altered States of consciousness, found in the Papyrus of Ebers in Egypt 3,000 years ago. Where hieroglyphs mentioned that the priests were an initiatory practice that we know today as hypnosis.

Thanks to tomography scanners (PET) We know today, that brain areas are activated in the hypnotic process, they are the same areas as they are activated in the brain, When we learn something automatically or an emotion overcomes the area of censorship in a subliminal way, or a new learning is stored by repetition.

This discovery has made it possible to provide a very important credibility to the hypnotic process. And hence more neuro-psychologists interested in researching the topic. Unfortunately, there is little investment in this research in the universities, as even an art and not a science.

James Braid defines hypnotism in his book of 1855, The physiology of fascination, in this way:

With the intention to simplify the study of actions and reciprocal reactions of the mind and the matter among themselves... the condition (hypnotic) It arises from the influences that exist within the patient's own body, the influence of concentrated attention, or the new dominant ideas, on the modification of the physical action, and re-actuando these dynamic changes on the mind of the subject. I have adopted the term "hypnotism" or nervous sleep for this process... And finally, as a generic term, understanding all of these phenomena which result from the reciprocal actions of the mind and matter to each other, I think that more appropriate term than there is a "psychophysiology" (Braid, 1855).


Psychophysiology, Here's a term that had been forgotten, until the new studies on hypnosis, they have shown that it is fully valid today. And if we further extend the concept say that hypnosis is a neuro-psycho-biological phenomenon.

1. And for this example: Extend your hands forward with the palms up to the height of their shoulders more or less.


2. Closing the eyes take three deep breaths and think, visualize or feel a problem or conflict that affects you and mentally deposit it in the left or right hand which you want. (for thirty seconds)

3. Now just think about this problem or emotion that affects you, It is possible while thinking in the conflict or emotion hand where mentally placed the problem, hot or cold, or lower or higher than the other,

4. If that happens it is because the neuro-physiology is fulfilling its function properly and their dendrites synapses are taking the information to an area of the neocortex and ordered to release neurotransmitters.


5. Now make the initial exercise again (thirty seconds) and then, think, visualize or feel the actions or options that provides your mind and that might solve your problem (for thirty seconds) and place them in the other hand.

6. And allow yourself to feel the sensations of his hands again. And check as they are both hands, which one is more hot or cold and more up or down than the other.

Take three or four minutes, the exercise, and at the end of the article check the answer

This simple exercise, It's so you can see how neuro-Physiology, and to understand how the recall process produces a physiological change, as well as a choice of cure or opportunity for positive change produces it.

By this I mean that: The hypnotic condition arises their own innate conditions that exist within the patient. This Protocol can make many enriching experiences both for the patient and the therapist.

Repetition is the magic. We know that the hippocampus stores information temporarily, related experiences, learning and life circumstances. The hippocampus should download that information to be able to continue to operate, and that occurs when the mind is offline or when we sleep and especially in the REM stage.

At the time when the conscious mind does not interfere, It is when the hippocampus sends information to the neocortex and Lisman & Morris (2001) the information is constantly repeated, It seems that the neocortex it costing to learn. And by that Repeat the information process pasa a la corteza cerebral y se guardan los aprendizajes, recuerdos o experiencias.


¡Guau! ¡Esto sí que es noticia!

Sabemos que la hipnosis se produce por excitación cortical, por tanto podemos decir sin temor a equivocarnos, que la repetición de experiencias propias o sugestivas por medio de hipnosis es similar a la repetición de envío de información que realiza el hipocampo al neocórtex.

En AIHCE desde hace cuatro años estamos trabajando en pacientes con fibromialgia, y utilizamos un protocolo similar al descrito anteriormente, solo agregamos juegos de imaginación y desbloqueo emocional, en un estado hipnótico grado 1. La imaginación permite disociar y trasladar el sufrimiento emocional a un objeto que el paciente tiene en la mano, where to download all your frustration and psychological pain. We do four sessions a week "we repeat and repeat the process" to four to eight weeks after the sixty-eight percent of patients improve and overcome suffering restarted its activity, the rest improve up to 6 o 7 in the ESD(3) of 1 to 10

In the cerebral cortex, is where you create and produce the creative dialogues of psychotherapy and therapeutic hypnosis. In creative dialogues and the thoughtful suggestions that can be used with the patient we must avail ourselves of heuristic language(4) implicit processing. What does it mean this? I have to use words or phrases that seem neutral and tasteless but that implicitly cause a powerful patient feedback.

And at this point I want to highlight, as it has changed the way of understanding psychotherapy in the past twenty years. Intuition-speaking therapist was a sacrilege. The psychologist could not under any circumstances use your intuition, However it's been too much water under the bridge and today transfer, RapPort, intuition, they already seem something similar or they may be confused. And I believe that this is due to that I now speak also of brain plasticity(5) and mirror neurons(6). We use the NLP, systemic hypnosis, The Gestalt, the emotional script, past life therapy, Duel etc therapy. and although certain corporate groups desmerezcan its therapeutic validity, There are and I are as valid as the confession or the wailing wall. (Saving the distance)

Every day we know more about our brain, his neuro-physiological process, its form binary or quantum of encode and decode information, sound or visual etc. And this resembles the electricity around the world it is used but in basically no one really knows what electricity.

Something similar happens with hypnosis all talk about hypnosis and quantified measurements in laboratory, but ultimately no one knows because the human being is capable of generating such as powerful internal process; that both can make sick you, how you can cure him.

Nor do we know because the heuristic communication and the ambiguous or vague suggestions, they cause an expansion possibilities Creative the subconscious of the patient.

But we do know that if I say to someone:

Listen to your inner voice and maybe you'll hear a response of deep value, Although distant from your long hours of waiting... A Word, an action, a help, It can give you the signal that your unconscious mind is waiting so long... No wane wishes... allow your neurons to release all its healing energy and open yourself to receive the signal of healing. (Now think about you, how or that should be made to allow their neurons to release healing energy?? Surely doesn't know, but no matter, something has mobilized enter you, It's like saying "help me my God... "") The wording is heuristic, vague and unclear, complies with the universal law of the guru.

Con una probabilidad del 99% la persona asociará todo lo que he dicho a su conflicto. Aunque yo desconozca cual es.

A partir de ahí sigo interviniendo con otra fraseología según las respuestas quinésicas que percibo del paciente.

Esto se llama terapia secreta y la practicamos con bastante eficacia desde hace unos veintidós años

Sin duda la expresión más exacta para definir la hipnosis terapéutica es: psicoterapia creativa. Because unlike other therapeutic practices hypnosis allows a more direct intervention to deeper levels of the psyche of the patient. We also start from the certainty, that suggestion and hypnosis are present in all the acts of our lives and in any kind of personal relationship.

Hypnosis is so versatile that you can associate to the medicine and psychology, marketing, advertising, and any staging of a human being, in art, music, Sport. Hypnosis comes from inside our brain motor factory, is not acquired or optional, This belongs to the gene communication system. This makes it so powerful.

Recientes estudios han comprobado que los bebés que escuchan discursos en una lengua extranjera determinada, durante sus primeros meses de vida, hallan más fácil aprender ese idiomas en el colegio o una vez que son adultos. Psicólogos de la Universidad de Bristol indicaron que el cerebro en desarrollo en el útero, pasa por un periodo de programación en la que establece para la vida del individuo su capacidad para reconocer sonidos claves que se convierten en su lengua nativa.

Así, cuando un bebé nace, tiene la capacidad de distinguir cada tipo de discurso. Incluso si los padres son ingleses, el niño tiene la capacidad de distinguir sonidos vocales griegos y chinos. Un recién nacido es capaz de distinguir todos los sonidos, pero cerca de los seis meses selecciona sólo aquellos que son relevantes para su lenguaje. Por eso un bebé pude aprender si problemas dos o tres lenguas a la vez.

Esto es maravilloso, ver como cada día comprobamos que podemos modificar nuestro software si utilizamos las herramientas adecuadas. El secreto del bebé es la brain plasticity. O sea; observación, ejercicio y repetición que provocan un cambio, y esto también es válido para los adultos.

¿Cómo ser un buen hipnólogo? Siempre les aconsejo a mis alumnos primero mimeticen mis formas de actuar así aprenden y después que sean ellos mismos, que no traten de imitar a otros profesionales en sus formas de intervención, que sean creativos, que la psicoterapia y la hipnosis sin creatividad es poca cosa.

En los cursos, haciendo prácticas entre los alumnos estos procuran ver quién consigue ser más heurístico y creativo, apuntando a un objetivo terapéutico definido. Así ganan en seguridad y estimulan sus neuronas espejo mejorando la plasticidad cerebral. Pero también aprenden el secreto más buscado, "ZF State" that is the critical point of hypnosis.

The majority of professionals who attend the courses, already they have conducted other training in hypnosis, Classic or Ericksonian, However they claim that something is lacking to feel safe, that in many cases not induction given result. And I tell them that they do not worry, use your mirror neurons when I do demonstrations to determine the State or time ZF.

It is summarized: all neuro-psycho-biological processes depend on our genes, but they can be modified and conditioned, using psychological stimuli that activate our neocortex repeatedly. And to do this better way than the neuro there is emotional reconstruction by between heuristics hypnosis and creative psychotherapy.


Juan C. Naranjo Alcega
Director of AIHCE
PhD in Social Psychology
Master in Clinical Hypnosis
Kinaesthetic expert
NLP Master
Business Coach