Wellness and Hypnosis

Wellness and Hypnosis Hypnotherapy is a sort of nonstandard or “complementary and alternative medicine” remedy. It makes use of guided rest, intense focus, and targeted consideration to realize a heightened state of consciousness that’s typically known as a trance. The individual’s consideration is so targeted whereas on this state that something occurring across the individual is […]

1 Master Class in Neuro Emotional Reconstruction NER

Master Class in Neuro Emotional Reconstruction -NER- NER is a symbiosis of techniques psychotherapeutic Heuristic Hypnosis -HH- Opto Neural Stimulation -ONS Neurophysiological decoding. -DN- Creative Psychotherapy -PsC- That they outline a simpler and more effective practice, which fundamentally uses a characteristic of our brain, which is what makes us make so many mistakes through false […]

2 Master in Clinical Hypnosis online

Master in Hypnosis A Master’s degree in Clinical Hypnosis is a giant step in preparing and training as a professional in the field of clinical hypnosis. If you want to have a postgraduate level It does not matter that you do not have knowledge of hypnosis, however with this course, you will learn everything you […]

Practical Hypnosis Course

Practical Hypnosis Course – online The Practical Hypnosis Course, in English, will allow you to start first in the world of hypnosis, which will give you a certificate of Bachelor in Hypnotherapy Practical hypnosis course So, if you want to continue your training, you can do a master’s degree in hypnosis. To get started, just […]

1 Master + Doctorate in Ericksonian Hypnosis

Master + Doctorate in Ericksonian Hypnosis The Master + Doctorate in Ericksonian Hypnosis is really excellent, as well as giving the opportunity to obtain a double degree and was developed for our partners and/or donors by prestigious professionals from the faculty of AIHCE.It is a 2 in 1 course, which means that at the end […]