Detection techniques of lies

Seminar “Lie to Me”

Kinaesthetic, It is the science that studies the mind involuntary response to situations of everyday life and social relations.

Addressed to directors, Managers and marketers of security companies, Police, Medical, Psychologists, and people who work in competitive sectors and where the need for information is a key factor for success in your goals. Nothing goes unnoticed to the expert.

John C Naranjo Alcega is an expert in behavior modification, It is formed in social psychology of behavior. Detection of deception and verb-Corporal communication expert.

Expert in the study of body language and non-verbal messages, his great knowledge of neurophysiology allows you to evaluate existing limbic responses behind the behavior tests, including writing and drawing. Don't let a doodle on a paper ever, If you are near the... Do not try to hide anything because he will discover it...

Your reptile brain you reveals at all times even if you want to avoid it.

Intelligence agencies as: FBI – CIA – Mossad – Spanish CNI and the CSI from around the world are formed in this science

Would you like to be an expert to discover strategies in interpersonal relationships or business? And to be with someone or watching a group of people for example:

Know if he tells you the truth?
Do know if you blatantly lies?
Know if it hides something?
Know if you are nervous or tense?
Know if it's secretly relax?
Know if he knows more than what he says?
Discover criminal attitudes?
Discover the cheating couple?
If do not fall you well?
If in a hurry?
If you do not listen?
If you despise intimately?
Know whether or not the person you forward is susceptible?


Scientific foundations of the interrogation
The study of lie
Basic markers of deception
Display faces
The room or space of the interview or interrogation
Proxemics, the circles of living space
Kinaesthetic interview technique
Verbal signals in the interrogatee
Non-verbal signals in the interrogation
Basic reading of the face and their muscles
Training with image and video material
The workshop of the verbal message
The workshop of non-verbal messages
Preliminary interview questionnaire
Introduction to the analysis of AGT
Analysis of videos and characters
Detecting the lie by AGT
Training students and practice
Analysis of videos and characters
Presentation of diplomas

Methodology: Fully participatory dynamics which will facilitate the teaching process learning of the participants (Feed back individual and group).

  • Training and practice done it with software with images and video equal to those used by the intelligence services.

Teach patterns of body language that are used in the criminal investigation, providing a wide variety of exercises, observation and practice that will improve the perception and understanding of non-verbal communication, both in personal relationships, as in the professional, especially in interviews and business meetings.


You will learn how to act as an agent of intelligence

The certificate is delivered for:
Kinaesthetic seminar
Deception detection techniques

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