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We're looking for delegates

We look for delegates in other countries and cities, by means of other entities or privately, schools academies or professional. Any association, educational entity or person dedicated to psychology and hypnosis, You can apply to become a partner of A.I.H.C.E. in any country or city


If you are an association or Academy will be recognized by A.I.H.C.E. and your logo will appear on the official website of AIHCE, as proof of their collaboration and twinning, and can this organizing courses and seminars with the collaboration of teachers of A.I.H.C.E. Provided that it meets the requirements.

Delegates and collaborators are responsible for organizing courses for AIHCE or you can organize your own courses with aIHCE endorsement, allowing each student to obtain an official certificate of AIHCE *

If you own an academy or a natural person who wants to be a thin A.I.H.C.E.. You can do this in any city, country or area which interests you.

To be a contributor to A.I.H.C.E. You must make a donation. for issuance of certificate and documentation costs.



AIHCE Barcelona
Tel: 600828938 Ws

AIHCE Madrid
School of hypnosis
Tel. 600 838 938 Ws

AIHCE Zaragoza
Tel. 617 768 287

Dr. C. Roy Hunter
2748 Milton Way #120 - B
Milton 98354 Washington
Tel. 12539278887

AIHCE California United States. UU.
Dr. Zoila the angels Cobian
15855 EDNA AVE # 18
California 91706

AIHCE Florida Miami EE USA.

Oliver Furtado Ps Wake.
​​​​​Sunshine Life Coaching and Hypnosis Center
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl 33418
+1 (786) 660-0482

DRA. Ines Marcelo
Sao Paulo Brazil
Tel. +55 11 974 074 440
Tel. +55 11 979 686 707

AIHCE Santa Catarina Brazil
Dr. N João Carvalho
AV. Rio Branco, 448 room 601
88015-200 Florianópolis-SC
Tel. (48) 3224-3499

AIHCE Australia
Martine Piveteu
West Burleigh
Queensland 4219
Telephone: 0411 369309

AIHCE Portugal
Associate: Cristina Infante Borges
AV. ª Heliodoro Salgado, 42 – 2° C
2710-573 Sintra
Fixo: 210 999 304
Móvel: 965 369 313

Dr. Claudio Antonio Reyes
Institute of hypnosis Chile

Dr. Barros Borgoño 384 of. 84 -
Providencia Santiago
Tel: 445 89 86 -Cel: 98482283

AIHCE Panama
DRA. Beatriz Testa
El Dorado

AIHCE Mexico

AIHCE Argentina
Dr. Armando Scharovky
Blanco Encalada 2387 Floor 17 th B
(1428) Buenos Aires – Argentina

AIHCE Uruguay
Maria Laura Llanes Bujater
Francisco Solano López 1482
11400 Montenvideo
Tel. 59899604832

If you want to be member or contributor request it from here