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Practice hypnosis course

Graduate Diploma in hypnosis

Practice hypnosis course in Spanish and Portuguese first will allow you to start in the world of hypnosis, It gives you a Certified Hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis course

Then if you want to expand your training, you could follow a master in hypnosis. To start only you must sign up and within a few hours the course is active. Hypnosis is a science that every day is more used in psychotherapy, Since the beginning of the Clinical Hypnosis many years have passed and after being almost in the dark, Today it is the most powerful therapeutic tool. Currently every day are more interested in studying hypnosis from the clinical point of view and with the desire to help their patients through Hypnotherapy, which has proven to be very effective in many ailments.



What do I get and who can make the course?

You'll get a knowledge about quality hypnosis.

Which will allow you to begin practicing hypnosis successfully. But if your apiraciones are older can follow your training doing the course of Master in Clinical Hypnosis international certification allowing you to exercise in any country.

Practice hypnosis course is very easy assimilation by means of presentacionas on slides, videos and books, in the virtual classroom.

This course is intended to:

  • Medical
  • Ppsicologos
  • Naturopaths
  • Physiotherapists
  • Chiropractors
  • Students
  • and in general to any specialty therapists, that you want to start the study in a serious and professional.
Practice hypnosis course program
  • Historical introduction
  • The brain cerebral hemispheres
  • Electrical activity of the brain
  • Theory of three brain levels
  • A memory remember how do we record it?
  • The negative memories are essential
  • Dual mind mind the conscious mind and automatic acts
  • The perception
  • The process of communication with the outside how processed the information our sensory system?
  • The word and its effect by repeating


  • Allowing therapist to use such technology for a more subtle and effective results.
  • Hypnosis and its different concepts and theories
  • Hypnotic state law
  • The Rapport
  • Difficult to hypnotize people
  • Altered States of consciousness
  • Where and how Hypnosis occurs??
  • The formal Trance and hypnosis without trance
  • Depth of the hypnotic state
  • Hypnotic symptoms
  • Therapy according to the depth of trance
  • Breathing for technical induction of selective concentration technique
  • Relaxation techniques

The hypnotic induction

It is the key to the process, who correctly learn the methodology will have no trouble in getting customers to benefit using the techniques of hypnosis to your particular case.

  • We analyze a series of tests of susceptibility that will guide the patient to one these deeper Test or tests of susceptibility or sugestibilidad
  • Area of fragility and the timing of the Court
  • Models of induction
  • Hypnotic techniques

We know that hypnosis is a natural process of the human being and is streamlined by endogenous and exogenous communication, It is therefore essential to prioritize the enrichment of the language and voice training, so with the adequate methodology we can influence most successful induction.

  • Language and voice inductive chronology of an induction

Most of the times when it fails in some patient induction, is awhat did not use the proper technique or were not followed the correct steps of induction. Here we will see in detail how to proceed correctly. All induction has four steps. There are many ways to induce a hypnotic state, However it is worth noting that the hypnotic process is the same, only the depth that is achieved according to the method used is different.

  • Effective hypnotic induction
  • Different types of suggestions that will help students recognize the methodology of forming more complete and simple, in determining what kind of suggestion use
  • Induction for children
  • Hipno-analysis or regression of age

No doubt the memories stored in our minds are not completely reliable, However they are very useful in the re structuring of beliefs and modification of undesirable emotional States and behaviors.

  • Applied hypnosis
  • Errors in the practice of hypnosis
  • Psychosomatic disorders

Case studies of treatments control pain by hypnosis is effective both analgesia and anesthesia. So we will see how by means of induction and visualization can cause anesthesia or analgesia in the individual anesthesia in glove

  • Neurophysiological and NLP techniques

We know that the neurophysiology and emotions are involved in all acts and brain processes of our daily lives, so we show how we can change our moods and others in a few seconds. This is a brief summary of the syllabus of the course that you see when you start it is broader than the student must attend the classroom and study the subjects to be qualified automatically, a final assessment by email to be sent to and completed the course receives its certificate of Practice hypnosis and clinical course.

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Curso de Hipnosis Práctica y Clínica

The normal price for this course is of 550.- EUR, But if you register from the link below you will have a special discount.

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