Rapid hypnosis and fulminant course

Rapid hypnosis course *

The course of fast hypnosis allows you to hypnotize in 5 seconds.

The basic protocols will be taught for the following objectives, master the techniques of fast hypnosis and deepening of trance.

The biggest problem many professional, is not master the techniques of rapid hypnosis and ultra fast hypnosis.

This therapy makes easy it to save time in the office when the Hypnotherapy practice or dental offices. For this reason it is advisable to make the Rapid hypnosis course.

The Hypnosis is a science, that every day is more used in psychotherapy, Since the beginning of the Clinical Hypnosis many years have passed and after being almost in the dark, Today it is the most powerful therapeutic tool.

Hypnosis course is intended for physicians, psychologists, naturopaths, physiotherapists, massage therapists, students, and in general to any specialty therapists, that you want to start the study in a serious and professional

Rapid hypnosis course

To take advantage of the course to the maximum, it is advisable to have a basic knowledge of hypnosis

Rapid hypnosis course

• Practical bascia hypnosis
• Technique of the 5 points
• Visual fixation and suggestion
• Motor salivary Lingual technique
• Rapid technique for pattern
• Hands technique in the face
• Technical quick mirror
• Technical mixed Neuropsychological
• Eye massage technique
• Fulminant hypnosis technique.
• Demonstrations and Protocol
• Fulminant hypnosis (demonstration)
• Fulminant hypnosis (Step by step)
• Protocol fulminant hypnosis

The course is taught online and have access during 30 days to the virtual classroom

Value of the course 399.- EUR

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* This course is aimed at professionals with a solid mastery of practical and clinical hypnosis. It's not a course for beginners