Hypnosis & NLP









If you have studies of hypnosis or NLP and want to validate them in Europe.

Now it is possible with a simple procedure.









Recognition of studies




You can now validate your studies in universities, academies or associations of hypnosis and NLP-any country. To obtain a valid international certificate.





Why should I be approved or validated my studies of hypnosis or NLP?

Each country has its own laws so that a professional or therapist can exercise.

In most of the cases required a certification of an entity registered and recognized as a professional college, Union or association that has a proven track record of ethical education and renowned quality. You can certify that carried out studies are real and certificates are not fake.

So some countries ask for the certificate to be signed before a notary and apostilled by the International Tribunal in the Hague, in other cases simply that certificates can be verified by them in a database of the entity that validates, form online





If my certificate is not convalidado do I report?

In reality no one you could denounce, because hypnosis and NLP are not official science.

Except that, commit a crime, or any complaint of a patient or client by malpractice. In this case at trial, they could argue that your title is not legal or false.

Being certified by AIHCE, our Organization would address to that assumption of falsehood, demonstrating that your certificate is convalidado.




What titles I can validate?




Hypnosis course

They can only be hypnosis courses, NLP, Neuromarketing, regressions, where where the title is of, course, practitioner, coach, specialist, master class, master, PhD.

Direct recognition of the same title

You must submit:

Diploma of previous course/s / is and its hourly load

You must present your identity document






Higher degree



For higher degree

Your studies and professional experience have value.

So you also have the possibility of obtaining a degree, Master's degree or doctorate, presenting the following documents, to be evaluated.

University diploma or or in the absence of previous course/s / is and its hourly load.

You must present your identity document.

Also a review of your professional experience or years of practice of the activity that you can test, For example: Own own inquiry or work in any clinic or company developing your profession

Present minimum of credits required. *



* Minimum credits required 120 hours. If you do not reach the credits will be sent a proof qualifying, you will have to answer




Recognition price


The validations varies according to the title.

Titles of: courses 250 € to 270 According to the course.

Master's degree 550 €

Title of PhD 650 €

Sending by email, is free.


If you want to send by mail you must pay shipping charges that apply.


Apostille certificates are always sent by mail *

Apostilled (they are optional)

Attorney 450 € + shipping

International Court of the Hague: 480 € + Shipping


* Shipping

Package Express Spain: 45.-€

DHL DHL European Community 80.- €

DHL and South America: DHL 100.- €

DHL-rest of the world 160.- €





Why may the procedure be refused?



The procedure may be rejected for the following reasons:

Do not submit the required documentation.

The documentation presented is fake or adulterated.

For being impossible to contact you by phone to clarify any doubt.

Because you do not have requirements or credits required.


If the transaction is rejected what happens to the money paid?


If the transaction is rejected, because you do not qualify and you have acted in good faith, the money paid is refunded to your account within the 2 following days.

If the rejection of the process is because you presented false or adulterated documents, are you will refund the 50% of total paid, to compensate the loss of time and administrative costs

You're safe with us!



Can anyone verify the academic archive on-line?


Yes, When you convalidas your studies, your data should be recorded in our official database to create the academic file, therefore after the incorporation process in 48 to 72 hours would be available online together with your photography.

If for some personal reason you do not want to be published, lWe leave hidden, but in any case we show critical data private and age, identity document, address, phone, etc.






I would like to request the validation of my studies


Before completing the form prepare the following documents:

If you apply for direct validation

Image of the identity card of both sides

Image of diploma to certify

Document doc, docx and pdf with a brief your professional activity or curriculum

If you apply for a degree of Master or doctorate

You must provide the following documents:

University degree or in its defect image, previous course/s / is your document of identity image

Document doc, docx or pdf resume or summary of your professional experience and years of the activity that you can test, For example: Own own inquiry or work in any clinic or company developing your profession

Present time minimum study load of 120 hours