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Hypnosis – Universidad San Francisco de Assisi

Excellent experience with the Conference online from Spain with the students of the Faculty of psychology of the University St. Francis of Assisi peace Bolivia.

The Conference provided online from Spain, by the Dr. Juan C. Naranjo Alcega, concerned about, Hypnosis clinic, Ericksonian and uses as a tool associated with psychology.

The Conference was organized by Dr. Oliver Peñafiel, Thank you concern standing in helping their students from the Faculty of psychology of the Universidad San Francisco de Asís de La Paz Bolivia.


It was a great and rewarding experience, It opens the way to other similar events, with the collaboration of the International Association of Clinical Hypnosis and Experimental










Doctorate in hypnosis

Is hypnosis dangerous?


It is hypnosis is dangerous

Yes and No! It depends on who and how practice it.

Hypnosis is dangerous When hypnosis is used for the purpose of manipulation of beliefs in case of sects or closed groups seeking a purpose, that is almost always economic. Usually in these cases it is used the most powerful hypnosis, the fear, and psychological punishment, attached to family isolation.

It can also be dangerous CUAWhen is practiced by theatrical hypnotists, that you confuse the public in general, with his demonstrations of mind control, with gestures and screams that seem tamers of wild beasts. Close your eyes ! Sleep! etc. More than once causing psychotic outbreaks and depressive States generated by underlying fears of the individual.

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HYPNOTHERAPY for breast cancer

hipnoterapia-cancer-mama Hypnotherapy after breast cancer surgery is recommended

It is very necessary to make sessions of hypnosis to improve self-esteem, These Hypnotherapy sessions can be individual or in a group. In women who have undergone breast surgery for cancer, Hypnosis significantly improves quality of life and its recovery.

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quien-es-hipnotizable I am HIPNOTIZABLE?

We are all naloxone because hypnosis is a natural state of any person, why no be afraid of hypnosis.

Are some people naloxone, hypnotized more easily than others? Yes, This is due to several cause I am going to explain.


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Conversational hypnosis

Use conversational hypnosis for the first session

The person expresses to us their reasons for consultation of hypnosis.

We detect what are the universal themes that are beneath them and begin the hypnotic conversation about: Those universal themes. The way we work and we do this putting a foot in the imagination and the other in science all the time so the person accept what we say

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What you need to know about HYPNOTHERAPY


Hypnotherapy, you need a diagnosis from your psychologist or doctor

Before considering Hypnotherapy, you need a diagnosis from your psychologist or doctor to know if you need to be treated with hypnosis. This is necessary if your condition is psychological (For example, a phobia, a violation, anxiety, depression), and it should be evaluated since without a diagnosis should be, Hypnotherapy could worsen your symptoms.

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How wasting time on a course of hypnosis


Wasting time on a course of hypnosis

How wasting time on a course of hypnosis?? Yes many professionals has gone through that experience without knowing it, they have gone to do a course of hypnosis for the first time, a weekend at a hotel or classroom is where he teaches the course of hypnosis, with much illusion and when there are account which was not what they expected.

The only hipnologo made theatrical shows, simple and repeated, much blah blah blah, but there is no content, Why? because who taught the course was someone without academic qualifications or was not qualified for what you were looking for. The instructor knew hypnotize? Yes. Same as ALF in that old series, also wise to hypnotized and mesmerized the cat, to eat.

Recommendation for a course of hypnosis

What you want to do a course of hypnosis?

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How to hypnosis in my Office Home?

Hypnosis in my Office

When home treatment, first I make an anamesis, or is, General questions to the patient, where you must have a frame of reference on the tastes, fears, virtues that well expresses the patient, its flaws, or simply establish a quiet conversation, without troubles, where can the patient see that I am really interested in your need, I think that this "door" is a special opportunity to make effective contact with the patient, It helps me to know more about his personality and most importantly.

Give the patient the feeling that the procedure has nothing mysterious, but on the contrary, It is a tool that will help to better deal with their existing condition that so wish to change. (This previous conversation, I try to develop it into a space between, a minimum of 5 minutes to a maximum of 15 minutes)

It is also of special interest, to have a consent document that the patient must sign. He applied this in my consultations since the document represents reliably what type of treatment will have the patient, What purpose will be applied hypnosis and above all, It is a physical way of demonstrating that our procedures are safe and reliable.

The signing of the document of consent is subject is very important, Since it shows seriousness on the part of my contribution to treat their fear through suggestion which I will be inserting in patient. The patient signed the consent and begin the respective process.

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Options of approaches in hypnosis for sexual dysfunction

Hypnosis in sexual dysfunction

If I want to take into account the five main causes of Araoz, that can guide us with the following options:

The cause Araoz (top) and the possibilities of approach with hypnosis would be:

  1. The catastrophic experiences – Trauma; -We must explore and identify through not only the narrative history, but, whenever possible, to revive the “State” under hypnosis. In this way, We can identify details that are only available in the regression back to experience the event and can therefore be reformulated and placed… “in his place in time and space"… Here, We have indicated from the simple catharsis or reformulating the symbolic experience (Queues, 2012) with the name of “therapy of egos” or weakening of the experience through sub-modes changes to the “mental screen” (Stich of NLP), or even simple forgiveness therapy, When is the person motivated to speak and express all their anger and feelings against the potential aggressor. After this work alone, the patient puts an end to the situation, simply forgiving the perpetrator who caused the suffering person (Depending on the gravity of the situation); or exposing it all its anguish (speaking with assertiveness) and saying goodbye to the same. Some even encourage this experience, put some kind of imaginary penalty or penalty; but we do not sympathise with that possibility of stimulus even if they are imaginary.

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