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Rapid hypnosis and fulminant course

Rapid hypnosis and fulminant course

Rapid hypnosis course *

The course of fast hypnosis allows you to hypnotize in 5 seconds.

The basic protocols will be taught for the following objectives, master the techniques of fast hypnosis and deepening of trance.

The biggest problem many professional, is not master the techniques of rapid hypnosis and ultra fast hypnosis.

This therapy makes easy it to save time in the office when the Hypnotherapy practice or dental offices. For this reason it is advisable to make the Rapid hypnosis course.

The Hypnosis is a science, that every day is more used in psychotherapy, Since the beginning of the Clinical Hypnosis many years have passed and after being almost in the dark, Today it is the most powerful therapeutic tool.

Hypnosis course is intended for physicians, psychologists, naturopaths, physiotherapists, massage therapists, students, and in general to any specialty therapists, that you want to start the study in a serious and professional

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Doctorate in hypnosis

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The Bolivia peace days 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 October 2018

Doctorate in hypnosis

CUrso semi face-to-face
50% face to face 50% virtual classroom
Valid international certification in any country.

This course is intended for professionals who want to achieve excellence in training in
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Course of Clinical Hypnosis

  Course of hypnosis practice Graduate Diploma in hypnosis hypnosis practice in Spanish and Portuguese first course will allow you to start in the world of hypnosis, It gives you a Certified Hypnotherapist. Then if you want to expand your training, podr Read more

Mastr doctorate in hypnosis

Master + Doctorate in Ericksonian hypnosis online

Doctorate in hypnosis the doctorate in hypnosis is really excellent, otherwise give the opportunity for double degree and was developed by prestigious professionals of the teaching staff of AIHCE. It is a course mode 2 in 1, which means that at the end of the c Read more

International Master in Clinical Hypnosis in Bolivia

International Master in Clinical Hypnosis

In the city of La PAz from the 15 to the 19 November of the 2017, el Master will be taught by J. C. Naranjo Alcega Ph. D. -Academic director of A.I.H.C.E. who is the creator of several of the most striking techniques in hypnosis clinic in recent decades. He has published several books on the subject and is international speaker with great career for all Latin America.

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Master in Clinical Hypnosis

Master in hypnosis Clinic online

Master in hypnosis clinic Master in hypnosis clinic you empowered to exercise clinical hypnosis, While you obtain an international certificate.     It doesn't matter that you have no knowledge of hypnosis, However with this course, you will learn all the necessary Read more

Neuro emotional reconstruction


Neuro emotional reconstruction course

Neuro emotional reconstruction - NRE- is a symbiosis of technical psicotereuticas

  • Hypnosis heuristics - HH-
  • Opto Neuronal stimulation - OEN-
  • Neurophysiological decoding. -DN-
  • Creative psychotherapy - PsC-

It outlined a more simple and effective practice, that it primarily uses a feature of our brain, that is what makes us so many mistakes by false deductions or erroneous inferences.


In some cases the four can be used together in several sessions and the order of use has no more relevance, but you must also take into account that not in all cases they are necessary to use three techniques together.


And in other cases such as phobias we use the OEN or PD only, that is determining the psychologist or therapist as it progresses in therapy, However, when the conflict is revealed as very difficult, a regression by HH or a mixed classical and heuristic hypnosis technique is always highly recommended

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Detection of lies Lie to Me

Detection techniques of lies

Seminar “Lie to Me”

Kinaesthetic, It is the science that studies the mind involuntary response to situations of everyday life and social relations.

Addressed to directors, Managers and marketers of security companies, Police, Medical, Psychologists, and people who work in competitive sectors and where the need for information is a key factor for success in your goals. Nothing goes unnoticed to the expert.

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