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Clinical Hypnosis Courses

Clinical Hypnosis at psychology practises

Clinical Hypnosis. Nowadays, it is one of the most powerful tools in psychotherapy.. Our Clinical Hypnosis courses are developed by highly-qualified professionals.. There are two types, Hypnosis completely online and other semi intensive courses.

All the AIHCE Clinical Hypnotherapy courses, provide you with a certification which is internationally recognized, for you to be able to practice as a Hypnotherapist..

Knowing how to select the hypnosis course that suits your goals, is a guarantee of success in training and security for the future performance of the hypnotherapy professional..

Hypnotherapy is in high demand for patients who want faster and more effective therapy. For this reason, psychologists and health professionals require higher-level Clinical Hypnosis courses..



Graduate in Hypnosis

Bachelor of Arts in Clinical Hypnosis, It is the basic qualification that allows you to practise as a Hypnotherapist.

Master in Hypnosis

The Master in Clinical Hypnosis is a second level for postgraduates, that gives you a higher and more-widely recognized qualification..

Doctorate in Hypnosis

The doctorate in clinical and Ericksonian hypnosis is the highest level, and with which you can get the highest professional qualification in Clinical Hypnosis.

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in Clinical Hypnosis

To be licensed in Clinical Hypnosis, you must register on the practical Clinical Hypnosis course which empowers you to practice as a Hypnotherapist with valid international certification in any country. More information



in Clinical Hypnosis

Obtaining the title of Master in Clinical Hypnosis is a giant step in the preparation and training as a professional in the field of clinical hypnosis. If you want to have a post-graduate level qualification… More information




in Clinical Hypnosis

Excellence in Clinical Hypnosis is possible with the Doctorate in Clinical Hypnosis and Ericksonian Hypnosis course, a qualification of the highest status that will give you more career and teaching opportunities More information


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We give priority to educational excellence

Qualified teachers

AIHCE boasts a highly qualified teaching staff. Teachers, they are professionals with extensive experience in behavioral psychology, Clinical Hypnosis and neuro-linguistics.

Teaching staff

Campus 24/7 Online

Our virtual classroom, offers an availability of 365 days per year.

We use the most up-to-date, efficient and technological education platform, with constant updates.

Virtual Campus

Library on-line

All students at AIHCE have a virtual library, It allows them to see all the topics related to psychology, hypnosis and neuro-linguistic programming.

AIHCE library

Alumni of AIHCE

Here you can see a list of students who have studied at AIHCE, who chose us for our quality training and professional seriousness. All of our former students can be verified online. If someone is not in the list please contact

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Hypnosis News and Events

Is hypnosis dangerous?

It can be dangerous when it is practiced by theatrical hypnotists, who confuse the public in general, with their demonstrations of mind control, with gestures and screams that make them seem like wild animal tamers. Close your eyes ! Sleep! etc. More than once causing psychotic outbreaks and depressive states generated by underlying fears of the individual.

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Conversational hypnosis.

The person expresses to us their reasons for consultation of hypnosis.

We detect what are the universal themes underlying them and begin the hypnotic conversation about: Those universal themes. the way we work and we do this by stepping into the imagination and into science all the time so the person accepts what we tell them. We discuss the subconscious mind as the place where… Read more

Hypnotherapy for breast cancer.

Hypnotherapy after breast cancer surgery is recommended.

It is very necessary to make sessions of hypnosis to improve self-esteem, These Hypnotherapy sessions can be individual or in a group. In women who have undergone breast surgery for cancer, Hypnosis significantly improves quality of life and its recovery, Hypnotherapy allows you to lower the pain threshold.

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Upcoming recommended events

Here you can see the upcoming events and courses that may be of interest to you.

The Clinical Hypnosis courses and online seminars are available all year round and you can sign up at any time.

Master in Clinical Hypnosis course that is part-time attendance is scheduled in advance and has a fixed starting date.

It is therefore important that you organize your schedule in advance.

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