It is hypnosis is dangerous

Yes and No! It depends on who and how practice it.

Hypnosis is dangerous When hypnosis is used for the purpose of manipulation of beliefs in case of sects or closed groups seeking a purpose, that is almost always economic. Usually in these cases it is used the most powerful hypnosis, the fear, and psychological punishment, attached to family isolation.

It can also be dangerous CUAWhen is practiced by theatrical hypnotists, that you confuse the public in general, with his demonstrations of mind control, with gestures and screams that seem tamers of wild beasts. Close your eyes ! Sleep! etc. More than once causing psychotic outbreaks and depressive States generated by underlying fears of the individual.

Even though Hypnosis is simply a natural state anyone can practice, as it is the case of introspection or self-hypnosis spontaneously, It can also be guided by other person. And it is in this case Yes, where precautions should.


Hypnosis is not dangerous when it is used therapeutically.

Clinical or therapeutic hypnosis. is different, professional guides you to make the mind focuses on a thought or image, and relaxes the nervous system, in that way the advice or suggestions of the psychologist or Hypnotherapist, they have a positive and beneficial effect.

I always explain to my students that the State of hypnosis in consultation, It is similar to the time when we are not going to bed and just before sleep, see images and sounds, memories, or is what is known as a reverie. And you can even to reason and visualize your thoughts with images and feel the emotion.

We know that almost the 90% our behavior is unconsciously, so if there is an unwanted behavior, the psychologist or Hypnotherapist, you will know how to intervene with hypnosis to help modify this behavior.

At all times professional will oversee the process, to be sure you get a level of hypnosis suitable for therapy.

  1. Your mind may be concentrated internally or abroad at times, because thoughts come and go, until in a moment, calms the mind and the State becomes stable, allowing the intervention of the psychologist or Hypnotherapist.
  2. Something that should be completely clear, is that no one, You can force you to do something you don't want to do.
  3. The depth of trance is not relevant in the achievement of results, because we can use Hypnosis heuristics or conversational.
  4. What really matters is that your unconscious mind will incorporate new resources suggested by the Hypnotherapist.
  5. In some cases it is possible that strong emotions to experience, but they do not affect the patient, Since it is a form of necessary catharsis for self-healing.

What is really important in a hypnosis therapy is to restart so tell him the mental software to erase those memories or traumatic memories.

For this I recommend that no fear hypnosis, but it always seeks a qualified and certified professional.