hipnoterapia-cancer-mama Hypnotherapy after breast cancer surgery is recommended

It is very necessary to make sessions of hypnosis to improve self-esteem, These Hypnotherapy sessions can be individual or in a group. In women who have undergone breast surgery for cancer, Hypnosis significantly improves quality of life and its recovery.

Hypnotherapy is proven to lower the pain threshold

Hypnosis also improves patient perception of the disease, tiredness and discomfort women have breast cancer surgery, during chemotherapy.

A study conducted in the United States 2006 proved that hypnotherapy has helped lower anxiety and pain during biopsy for breast cancer

Why hypnosis should be recommended in breast cancer?

Because hypnosis or guided hypnotherapy allows for deep relaxation and intense concentration. Suggestions should focus on improvement and healing.

Hypnosis manages to focus attention and achieve an elevated state of consciousness that is vulgarly called trance. But it's actually a state of attention focused on the goal of healing and overcoming breast cancer disease.

Women say they are so focused, what the psychologist or hypnotherapist tells them, who in that state hear nothing, of what's going on around. In a state of hypnosis the person feels as temporarily blocked or ignores all external stimuli.

So to conclude I will say that hypnosis is a natural state, where a person can focus their attention, and with the help of a trained hypnotherapist, get is more optimistic and happy in the recovery period of breast cancer surgery and chemotherapy.