Use conversational hypnosis for the first session

The person expresses to us their reasons for consultation of hypnosis.

We detect what are the universal themes that are beneath them and begin the hypnotic conversation about: Those universal themes. The way we work and we do this putting a foot in the imagination and the other in science all the time so the person accept what we say

We discussed about the unconscious mind as the place where all of our experiences of life in the form of traces where the footprint is the memory and depth was made by the energy of life with which we live that moment and that continues to flow are recorded, available to make our bodies work, to enjoy life, to carry out our projects.

But when they are very intense situations, the footprint is deep and is filled with the life force that we use for envelope live that moment. Sometimes there is a stressful situation, but many similar chiquitas which are deepening that footprint and equally fills of life force hurt need rescue.

These tracks can also be seen as wounds and, When made, We swallow so many emotions that we could not express and perhaps even recognize, and to those emotions swallowed, indigestible, added all that we swallow on behalf of good education. Give examples referring in tentative language to the reason for inquiry.

Then, We do an exercise to:

  1. To contact the Universal wisdom through breath reaching all parts.
  2. Put the work in the hands of Universal wisdom
  3. Ask that we work while other things, go:
  4. Healing and recovering the life force of fingerprints, no need to remember them,
  5. Healing wounds (asking how are)
  6. Digesting the emotional indigestion (wondering how perceives it and delivering it)
  7. In all sessions, make indirect conversation about the issues that we are going to work,(in the first session a large part of the conversation is to explain how we work).

Once the work in the hands of the Universal wisdom an exercise in trance touching each of the points that brought as well as each production of the unconscious that appears (dream, affection, symbol, metaphorical expression, image or symptom) and/or including them in a metaphorical expression, triggering a process for your solution, making sure the process has already been initiated and leaving it in the hands of its Universal wisdom.

At the end touch all points, ask the person if he already realized how their life force is returning, How will the wounds and what happened with the symbol of the emotional indigestion.

Then return to each of the points to see how the process.

In each process completed, Thanks to the Universal wisdom. If still does not finish the process, you leave it in your hands and thank you for the progress.

At the end, a trial where it is noted that all already resolved becomes points "are living as you want to live, feeling like you want to feel because it was already resolved such and such a thing (all)"".

If you think good, It says to the Universal wisdom, so I want to or better. Thank you. Leave the proceedings and their life in their hands. Saying I do what touches me, you take care of the rest.

It makes a different voluntary breathing, or any voluntary movement and open your eyes.

Throughout the process, at the convenient time, make suggestions poshipnoticas.

When the person does not realize the change, We can tell you "Forget", but the "worry" always goes along with "I do what I'm, you take care of the rest", so is responsible.

Carlos Martin